Transforming the freelance market

What is Worksome?

Worksome connects highly skilled consultants and specialists with companies wanting access to flexible talent to solve their critical business issues.

Efficient recruitment

Worksome is a platform that makes companies’ recruitment quick, efficient and agile, by matching talent and competencies with companies’ demand.

We screen and gather the best talents in all of the knowledge-heavy fields, and it’s easy and free to create a job post.

Powerful algorithm

Our matching algorithm finds the best candidate for the job within 24 hours from a pool of thousands of relevant profiles, and the company can then freely choose the perfect match for the job.

The company will have the right specialist no later than 5 days after the match.

High-quality freelancers

Our rating system ensures high quality for both the company and the specialist.

Worksome’s digital recruitment process delivers flexible labor smarter, faster, and cheaper than traditional analogue recruitment solutions.


We’re an all-in-one solution that takes care of formalities, contract, billing, and payment, so the company and the specialist can concentrate on the work.

Why did we create Worksome?

We founded Worksome to create a platform that makes companies’ recruitment process more agile. Worksome makes it quick, easy, and efficient to find skilled talent on demand.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

The problem

One of the main challenges for companies today is the skills shortage. A lot of companies struggle to find the right competencies for their critical business projects.

The solution

Worksome solves this problem by offering companies access to highly skilled independent consultants and specialists on demand.

This allows companies to scale up and down on their resources according to their needs.

This not only makes them more adaptable and agile, but also more competitive.

A transforming labour market

Because the labour market is changing and moving towards shorter and more flexible employments, a growing number of people choose to ditch the traditional 9-5 to work on their own terms as independent consultants and specialists.

Achieving success

The winning companies are the ones realising that recruitment is no longer about having ownership of employees, but about having access to their skills.

Worksome’s vision is to be the facilitators of the free and meaningful work-life

We wish to create a labour market that embraces…



Fair pay

Good working conditions

Exciting projects



Fair pay

Good working conditions

Exciting projects

That’s why we’ve created Worksome

For the benefit of both companies and on demand specialists

Take 5 mins to create a free job post. Get 5 bids in 24 hrs.

Getting started is easy. Here’s how…

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