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London, United Kingdom

Software practitioner, Senior project manager, 12 years of...

Agile project management
program and project management
project coordination
digital project management
technical project management
Senior project manager

Experience: 10 - 14 years

As a highly professional individual with a demonstrated ability to work efficiently with stakeholders and possess the leadership qualities that go...


London, United Kingdom

Sr Product Leader experienced in building high performing...

Product Management
Agile project management
digital innovation
Digital Strategy
Scrum master
Business Analysis

Experience: 15 - 24 years

I help Product Teams to be Innovative, Lean and Agile. I work with innovation teams to help define the Value Proposition and establish Innovation...


London, United Kingdom

Agile Delivery Manager

Scrum master
Project Management
Team Leader
Agile project management
Project Manager

Experience: 15 - 24 years

I have experience in managing large and small multi disciplinary teams and have a servant leader approach to managing the teams. Communication is at...

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