IR35 solution for companies

Make your contingent workforce fully IR35 compliant

Our IR35 solution means that your company can continue to work with contractors and freelancers on a fully compliant basis.

Robust end-to-end IR35 solution

We connect hirers, recruitment agencies and workers in one platform so you can manage, organise and pay your freelancers and contractors compliantly.


Get 100% IR35 assessment (SDS) coverage

We ensure that your entire contingent workforce is IR35 compliant so you get 100% IR35 Status Determination Statements (SDS’s) coverage.

Inside or Outside IR35? We’ll manage it!

We handle your management and payment of all freelancers both Inside and Outside of IR35 so you’re in full control.

Minimize risk: IR35 insurance included

Our process uses state of the art technology to ensure full compliance, including insurance to minimize any risks.

"With Worksome, tapping into the freelance economy could be a partnership that you wondered how you ever lived without."

David Howell, Forbes, February 2019

How we help you navigate IR35

Our IR35 solution for companies gives you the benefits of ensuring full compliance, traceability and fast processes. We make it easy for you to sign and store IR35 compliant contracts (both for Inside and Outside IR35) with a few clicks. Our fully insured determination engine is integrated into our platform and your workflow; Our Tax advisors have used a combination of CEST, HMRC Guidance & Case Law to produce a simple IR35 test that gives you near instant “IN” or “OUT” determinations on all of your freelancer and contractor engagements.

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Inside or Outside IR35?

We will deem each and every of your freelancer and contractor engagements either Inside or Outside of IR35. That way, you’ll have a fully insured Status Determination Statements attached to all engagements. We’ll also handle any disputes to make working with freelancers and contractors easy.

IR35 compliant payments

We will ensure timely and precise payments to all your contractors and freelancers – both inside and outside IR35, reducing the liability on you. For freelancers working Inside IR35 we will tax at source and make all required NI contributions.  For Freelancers working Outside of IR35, we will pay to LTD companies in an insured OUT environment. You’ll get 100% transparency and full traceability on every and all payments to your freelancers and contractors.

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IR35 technology built for leading companies

Our end-to-end IR35 solution is built to enable UK businesses to continue to work with substantial freelancer and contractor workforces in a fully compliant environment. No panic – no sweat – no hassle.

Reduced administration

IR35 can bring a marked increase in paperwork, tasks, time and new processes. Our platform centralises your entire contingent workforce, applies simple optimised processes and frees you from the complexity of the new legislation.


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