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Powered by cutting edge AI, Worksome finds UX and UI contractors and freelancers near your office location, so they can join you on-site if you wish.

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United Kingdom

Designer specializing in Branding and Web Design

Graphic design
web design
UI / UX designer
Logo Design

Experience: 5 - 9 years


United Kingdom

Senior Digital Consultant; 10 years driving business success

Digital Marketing
Product Management
User Experience
Data Analysis
Project Management

Experience: 5 - 9 years


United Kingdom

Digital Marketing Specialist

search engine marketing
Search Engine Optimization
social media strategy
User Experience

Experience: 10 - 14 years

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Worksome takes care of all things hiring, all in one place

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Hello Monica, thanks for your bid. Would you be up for coming along to work at our office?


Most definitely! I live just 15 minutes way.

Monica Hall

Brilliant! It’s a three month project and we’re keen to get started asap. Are you free from Monday? And have you worked on any similar jobs via Worksome before?

Monica Hall is writing
Hooli is writing
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Get to work

Chosen your dream freelancer? Worksome will instantly create a contract, so your freelancer can sign and get started.

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Pay per hour, per month, or once the project is complete.

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Worksome creates a contract, saving you time and hassle.

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Make your payment

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Monica Hall

Web & Apps

Working with Monica was a total joy. She’s highly skilled, oh-so-professional, and proactive too. Thank you for your quality work, Monica. We’re excited to collaborate with you again soon.

Web & Apps

Payment sent by Hooli

We are UK’s largest platform for Contract UX & UI Designers

Hire talented freelance UX & UI Designers

With the market’s lowest commission. Here you will find UX Designers with skills and know-how ranging from wireframing and prototyping to UX research and interaction design.

Worksome is a digital platform that gives you the market’s easiest and fastest access to freelance UX & UI Designers with relevant core competencies and proven UX & UI Design experience. Our UX Designers have an average of 8 years of experience and choose our platform due to our innovative business model.

Unlike other job sites and recruiters, Worksome is a digital platform that ensures perfect matches through technology and transparency for everyone. Our commission is the lowest on the market. We charge 4% of the contract’s total and both company and freelance UX Designers can benefit from the mutual rating system. This ensures that all parties have the incentive to collaborate successfully.

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The new way to find skilled UX & UI Designers

Worksome challenges the traditional system and gives you direct access to a fast growing talent pool. The new recruitment process is simple and straightforward. Our technology enables you access to a large selection of qualified freelance UX & UI Designers in an easy and convenient manner. Worksome is designed to give you the best overview of available UX & UI Design talent. The platform allows you to easily navigate across skills, location, experience level, hourly rates, and ratings.
Posting a job is easy, quick and free. Our algorithm matches the best suited candidates for the project among several thousand profiles. They can then contact your company and make an offer. After that you can choose your favourite UX & UI Designer. This process ensures that your company hires the right candidate for the job in record time without compromising on quality. Finally, our mutual rating system ensures high quality at all times for both UX & UI Designer  and client.That truly is something no recruiter can do.

A revolutionary way of hiring

Worksome removes the expensive intermediaries who take a high share of the salary that is supposed to stay with the freelancer. Our digitised recruitment process delivers project-based employment smarter, faster and cheaper than traditional analog recruitment solutions. With a commission of only 4%, we have the lowest fees in the market, while ensuring quality through our sophisticated screening process and rating system.

Thanks to our top-notch platform solution, Worksome offers companies a modern, smart and fast way to find exactly the freelance UX Designers they are looking for. And we are an all-in-one solution that ensures that formalities, contracts and invoices are in place. That way company and contractor can concentrate on solving the specific task. While most UX & UI Designers invoice on a daily basis, you can also make hourly, or yearly agreements according to the project.

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Are you a freelance UX & UI Designer yourself?

Then sign up for Worksome today and embark on the journey towards the flexible labour market of the future. At Worksome, you become part of a growing network of skilled UK-based contract UX & UI Designers, who want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own career. Through Worksome you will have the opportunity to work with exciting and changing work tasks for many different companies. We ensure good earnings as a freelance UX & UI Designer and you will be free of having to be affiliated with an agency or consultancy.

Worksome works hard to build you a credible online presence that presents your skills and market value. We have the market’s lowest management fee of only 4% so you don’t have to give a large share to an expensive intermediary. We take care of you and match you with the right companies that just need you and your special skills.


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