Automate your admin and free your key people to spend more time focused on important tasks.

Running a contingent workforce has traditionally required an army of people performing time consuming manual tasks. Not anymore, Worksome automates Sourcing, Contracts, Compliance and Supplier Management. 

Reduce your administrative headcount and free your key people from wasting time better spent on other key tasks across your enterprise.

Allow us to centralise your entire contingent workforce and watch our AI Algorithms help your users become more productive.

Worksome helps you to build a full contingent worker database, bringing together new talent sourced cost effectively from the Worksome marketplace, plus your existing networks of trusted contacts and even those sourced through third party recruitment suppliers.  

We then apply our AI algorithm technology that significantly increases the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of your sourcing and on-boarding programmes.

Sounds Expensive and Complicated?

Worksome drives sourcing, admin and financial efficiencies, which reduce the overall costs of your contingent workforce by up to 15% without compromising your ability to attract the most qualified talent in the market. Through innovative technology, AI principles and intuitive software, we reduce the need for complicated, people heavy, manual processes associated with more traditional outsourced providers.

Increase internal collaboration, knowledge sharing and talent retention through our team functions.

Our Teams function allows an Enterprise to involve all the integral people in the contingent worker process at the perfect time through specific assigned roles. 

Leave internal notes, review company wide comments, see contract histories, write reviews, view different user talent networks, approve timesheets and pay invoices.

Need to drive financial efficiencies and remove risk?

Worksome can consolidate all your contingent worker invoices into one bespoke invoice a month and pays all of your contingent workers individually; Saving hundreds of hours of admin time, headcount and significant costs. 

As the contracting and payment party Worksome can remove your liability and risk across local employment & tax legislation. We also ensure full GDPR compliance, as well as offer a full and risk-free IR35 solution including assessment and insurance.

Where is the Data?

Everywhere of course. It’s always about data and decision making isn’t it! Worksome can provide both live data across permission based dashboards focused on HR, Talent & Financial, plus the ability to download historic contingent worker data in many formats to deploy to other internal systems.

Global Organisation?

Talk to us about our global roadmap and let us help you connect your international operations into one system. We are presently in the UK, US, Nordics, Germany, Eastern Europe with plans to launch into Asia imminently.

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