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The overall experience was painless and a pleasure to use, it just works.

We tried more traditional recruitment methods to solve problems before approaching Worksome. It was a mixed bag, really. I think when you have some success you will always tend to return for more, based on that experience. I used from 2006 when they had that first-to-market domination. I tried them again recently, though, and I found their auto-freelancer pitching wasn’t a good experience. I ended up wasting time, as my brief was pretty specific.

The pitches I received from Worksome were a lot less in volume, but totally on point, making the whole process painless. 

Our experience with Worksome was very good overall. Simple, straight-forward and the quality of the pitches were spot on. I didn’t need to browse and approach freelancers, as I found that the quality of the brief was matched to the quality of the pitches. Effortless! 

We needed someone with very specific code skills and quality, this was the main advantage of being able to zone in and nail the right person quickly. We found an ideal, very professional web developer for a quick turn around job, which we hope will turn into further support on an ongoing project. The key aspects for us were the ability to move fast and find a specific person matched to our needs. Quality over quantity is an important factor, it saves you time across the team and enabled us to achieve our web development on target.

The overall experience was painless and a pleasure to use, it just works – no pun intended!

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