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"We use Worksome to find skilled text writers.”

We needed some students who were able to work on editing 40.000 product declarations. It was easy to post a job on Worksome and to get assistance in targeting the job post. 3-4 hours after we had posted the job on Worksome, we had found the candidates, and were able to get started right away.

Really the most time-consuming aspect was replying “no thanks” to the other candidates, who had offered to help with the job. The process was surprisingly easy, and we got a large pool of candidates, where we were able to choose the best ones.

On Worksome you can see the freelancers CVs, LinkedIn-profiles, educational backgrounds, and professional experiences, which makes it easy to get an overview of their competencies. The communication on Worksome works smoothly, and we avoid the hassle of dealing with different billing systems.

We are actually so satisfied with our experience in Worksome that we’ve made a case on our experience for internal use, as we have several different tasks that could easily be solved using Worksome.

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