The Ramp (Danfoss)

"The Worksome platform is excellent for pricing jobs and communication"

Danfoss had to develop a prototype of an app, which had to work with both iOS and Android.  We chose to to circumvent the traditional development agencies, job sites, and informal networks, and posted the job on Worksome instead.  In less than 24 hours, we got offers from six different qualified candidates. After only one month, we had solved the problem, and the job was done.

I see a lot of opportunities for Worksome. At the Ramp (Danfoss), we use freelancers in sales, marketing, and development. They are skilled and competent workers, who are expensive to employ on traditional full-time contracts, and who also don’t have the desire to do the same tasks over and over again on the long-run. That’s why I believe we’ll see an increase in temporary contracts of freelancers in the future.

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