D/S Norden

"Worksome was faster than the alternatives we normally use"

We were in the midst of two large-scale projects, where the project managers were overloaded and needed assistance. On Worksome, we found the Project Manager, Stefan Danielsen, who is now our Project Management Coordinator on both projects. His work has been excellent, and we’ve now chose to let him run three other projects for us.

Worksome presented a new way to hire specialists, but the process was smooth and easy, and much quicker than the alternatives we normally use. It was important for us to get started right away, so a traditional long recruitment process for a full-time position was not an option.

A consulting company would have been much more expensive and less flexible, as it is the consulting company, and not the individual, who decides on working hours and location. That’s why Worksome was the optimal solution for us. 

The top advantage of using Worksome is the flexibility and the option to scale up or down on your staff according to demand. You can’t do that with a traditional full-time employment contract. 

Worksome has been such a positive experience, and we’ve already created another new job post, and are in the process of communicating with other candidates right now.

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