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"We use Worksome to find skilled text writers."

“The Worksome platform is excellent for pricing jobs and communication”

"At Worksome you can get work done quickly and without any hassle."

"Worksome makes it easy and simple to find the right candidate for the job."

"Worksome was faster than the alternatives we normally use"

Ulf Bach-Vedel

Digital Project Manager

Has used Worksome for:

Copywriting Social Media Content

It was easy to post a job on Worksome and to get assistance in targeting the job post. 3-4 hours after we had posted the job on Worksome, we had found the candidates, and were able to get started right away.

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Christian Møller

Digital Entrepreneur

Has used Worksome for:

App development iOS & Android prototyping

By using Worksome we found the labour we needed to develop a prototype of an app in less than 24 hours. Danfoss had to develop a prototype of an app, which had to work with both iOS and Android.

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Eske Bo Rosenberg Knudsen

Research & Innovation Counsellor

Has used Worksome for:

Webdesign Webdevelopment

By using Worksome, we found the right person for the job, and ended up having a product that exceeded our expectations. At Worksome you can get work done quickly and without any hassle.

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Susanne Rønskov Hermann

Head of Learning and Development

Has used Worksome for:

Digital marketing Creative project management Online video

By using a freelancer we avoided overloading our current staff with more work, and got a final product delivered quickly and of high quality.

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Sture Freudenreich

Director og leder af NORDENs IT-afdeling

Has used Worksome for:

IT Project Management Project coordination

Worksome presented a new way to hire specialists, but the process was smooth and easy, and much quicker than the alternatives we normally use.

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